Great content delivered on social media takes great planning: the magic of creative know-how combined with a simple glitch free approval process.

What is the successful formula for delivering social? Creative content + efficient workflow.

So what’s stopping you and your team?

Your client is in the way

Ok, so you’ve signed up a client to your social media agency. Now you want to make sure your client has the best experience ever. You’re acing content; you have the right social media strategy and know how to build your client’s connections and conversations on social. The only thing casting a shadow over your agency delivering great social… The clients themselves.

Clients wanting changes last minute, multiple approvals by people who suddenly have to be in the loop…..Hands up if your team’s workflow has been completely turned upside down because your client’s needs/wants/wishes suddenly changed?

Oops! Now your workflow is a bit tangled

Spend your time doing what agencies are meant to: making great content; not getting drowned in approvals, copy changes and image modifications.

Some agencies use spreadsheets or rely on cloud-based project management apps to prepare and present content to their clients. These systems often use snippets of text and replies to comment threads, which might work temporarily but can become a bit of nightmare for your team and client to collaborate; who approves what, who does it go to next?

Then there’s spreadsheets? They’re are great for numbers – but not the best way to handle a rich diversity of media. After just a few weeks of collaboration, your social media plan can get pretty complicated and tracking feedback for the final cut can be confusing.

Delays Make Mistakes

If you have ever been stressed waiting too long for approvals or have multiple duplicates of the same document with different feedback, you know that these processes can be very frustrating and result in delays, mistakes and frustration for both you and your client.

Customising your agency’s workflow for client approval is very powerful. Automation of workflow creates great results for your client and increases your team’s efficiency, communication and wellbeing!

The Formula Explained and How It Makes you a Superstar

Want an automated workflow and approval system via a scheduling tool that showcases your content exactly as it will appear when published?

Rivuu is a social media scheduling cloud-based tool that has a unique workflow process that improves communication and ensures that you do what you do best – creating outstanding engagement on social.

Rivuu maps out your social media content creation and its customisable approval process makes it super simple for your client to review, change and approve content. They can even download the Rivuu app onto their phone so they can review and approve content anytime, anywhere.



Social Media Workflow Made Simple

Rivuu’s social media workflow is so simple! Once signed into Rivuu and introduced to the workflow, both team members and clients are able to easily and effortless stick to the workflow process.

You can use the workflows we have designed or you can build your own with our unique drop and drag features. Rivuu places you in control of every client’s social media creation, scheduling and approval experience.

There are separate pages for content creation, graphic designers, content approvers, plus shared calendar and dashboards for the whole team – you can structure each team member’s access and use of the tool individually.

The Workflow for Social Media Success

1.     Create Content

2.     Client sees content

3.     Client approves content

4.     Content is scheduled

If this sounds too simple check out these other workflows that you can use to custom design or the Rivuu how-to video.

Take control and get your social media agency’s workflows automated with Rivuu. Spend your time doing what agencies are meant to: making great content not getting drowned in approvals, copy changes and image modifications. Simplify you and your clients’ lives whilst delivering amazing posts… stress-free.

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