Do you dream of easier ways to engage your audience?

I know I do.

With the social media giants at Twitter integrating their live streaming service, Periscope, into the Twitter app, broadcasting has become easier and more accessible than ever before.

Check out why brands the world over are going mad live streaming and how you can use the integrated Twitter live stream for your business.


Content posts and website blogs are effective means of sharing new and exciting business developments, but they suffer from time lag. It can take hours for a boosted post to produce traction but with Periscope, you can share quality news instantly.

Don’t Start From Scratch

The prospect of having to cultivate a new following on an unfamiliar platform may terrify marketers.

Do not lose hope, Twitter owns Periscope and with the integration of Periscope into the Twitter app, you no longer need a Periscope account to access its features. With the combination of the two platforms, your Twitter followers are also your Periscope followers.


In a bid to one-up the kings of social over at Facebook, the team at Periscope have begun testing a new 360-degree camera. Once the feature is tested with Twitters select partners, LIVE 360 will be rolled out globally. This will allow businesses to capture and engage their audience from literally ANY angle.

Whet your Audiences Appetite

There are reasons why movies post trailers before their release; it’s too visually pique the interest of the watchers and entice them to commit to the full feature. Ask yourself, would the effect be as powerful if the clips were composed entirely of text?

Instead of writing an announcement post, preview your new and exciting products with a live video. Tease the buying bone of your prospects by unveiling the features and benefits in real time. Your followers will feel as though they are getting a ‘first look’ at a new addition to your brand. Bye bye, FOMO!

Behind the Curtain

The face of your company is important and the way your brand persona is presented across your social media collateral should be consistent. In saying this, Periscope allows you to present a new perspective and add to your brand story: the behind the scenes journey. By actively featuring the work your company puts into your brand serves to humanize your business.

It is proven that people love to do business with people, so featuring real people who put real effort into your offerings allows you to elevate your followers to your level and builds trust for your brand. Using Periscope will add another layer to this, taking your audience behind the scenes LIVE with no edited content, raw footage, and real life content as it happens.  Periscope will allow you to legitimize yourself, a factor which has now become extremely crucial when driving conversion.

Attend My Event… ONLINE

Building a guest list for a company event is not an easy task, particularly when select individuals cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts, time constraints or distance. With Periscope, shattering physical boundaries like time and place is now not only possible, it’s easy.

Livestream your event with Periscope and prospects worldwide will be able to take part, ‘attend’, or catch up on your event, opening your brand up on an international scale.

Host Q&As and Webinars

Another crucial benefit of Periscope live streaming is its interactivity. Real-time chats with current clients or potential prospects are possible and addressing customer queries and concerns is quicker and easier than ever. Simply publish your live stream time and topic to the Twitterverse and address questions as they come through.

Furthermore, by hosting these events you will gain credibility and build a reputation as a consummate professional who is in touch with their audience.

The Market is Unsaturated

Many businesses worldwide have already hopped on the bandwagon, but many have yet to see the benefits of live streaming.


Strike while the iron is hot and adopt Periscope into your marketing strategy.