Rivuu vs. Hootsuite: Which Social Media Tool to Choose?

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Blog, Facebook, Social Media Tips

In this article we see how Rivuu stands up to one of the giants of the social media world, the all encompassing megalodon of tools, Hootsuite.

Hootsuite offers a wide range of features and functionalities, from rudimentary analytics to some basic scheduling features. Since it’s launch in 2008 it has become a great introductory tool for businesses dabbling in social media management for the first time, as well as providing some pricey more comprehensive options for large corporations.

To their credit, Hootsuite zoomed into a new market and took full advantage of the emergent social media marketing trend. Many signed up, and in order to grow they have expanded their offering in order to cater to increasingly diverse needs.

Thankfully, most savvy marketers have realised that the days of the one stop shop are over, and it is usually more efficient and cost effective to use a small suite of tools each specialised in a different aspect of digital marketing.

Rivuu takes on Hootsuite’s content approval and scheduling features, offering what in our opinion is a more specialised and refined workflow, with greater flexibility, at a better price point.

Aside from offering unlimited users even for free users, Rivuu also has highly customisable workflows with controllable and assignable user permissions. Not to mention support for all major Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post types, and single click scheduling for Instagram!

Here’s a summary of our head-to-head feature highlights. Read on below for the detailed break down…

Feature Rivuu Hootsuite
Posts to... Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (Linked in coming soon!) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube & Linkedin
Automated Instagram scheduling? Yes No
Flexible pricing? Yes. Pay per profile per month for all features from $10 Minimum $499 per month for approvals features
Price for 50 profiles $460 per month $499 per month
User limit Unlimited users 5 users
Analytics Dashboards & full reporting for Facebook (Twitter & Instagram coming soon!) Yes
Customisable Workflows Yes No
Hide revisions history from some users Yes No
Approve content from mobile app Yes Yes
Create content from mobile app No Yes
Support for Facebook Ad Platform No Create ads with AdEspresso (may incur additional costs)
Training duration 1 hour in-depth demo, account setup assistance and ongoing support 30 minute training
Personal customer support Yes! Assigned product expert for all accounts No
Additional file storage space for digital assets Unlimited Possible to upgrade with premium “Box” app
Social media listening No Yes
Focus on... Collaborative content creation, approval and scheduling Customer service, performance analysis, basic scheduling & listening
Best suited for... Social media agencies, and in-house teams Lone wolf social media managers, PPC advertisers and customer service


Hootsuite offers approval features as part of their “Business” plan. That means that to even access approvals you will need to commit to at least 50 social profiles and spend $499 per month.

For this hefty chunk of cash, you will also be limited to 5 users, which renders the approval system somewhat useless for the majority of social media agencies that have more that an internal team and more that a single client!

It seems counter intuitive to ask businesses to commit to so many social profiles but limit the amount of contributors, approvers and clients added to the account, as any 5 people would have a tough time running 50 social media accounts.

Rivuu is free to use with one Facebook account, then plans start at just $10 per profile per month.

Rivuu on the other hand offers approvals for all plans (including free) and even most importantly unlimited users.

Pricing is based on a simple rate of $10 per social profile per month, but if you require over 30 profiles each additional profile is offered at a reduced rate. You can get the benefit out of Rivuu’s features on a single Facebook page for absolutely nothing, or add as many profiles as you need with no minimum commitments.

If we were to disregard Hootsuite’s arbitrary minimum of 50 profiles, and match Rivuu profile to profile, for 50 social profiles and unlimited users, the monthly subscription cost would be $460 per month.

In reality the value for money is incomparable, as Rivuu offers not only unlimited users, a flexible approach to per profile pricing, customisable workflows and an approvals specific mobile app for less, that also comes with unlimited support and a 1 hour product demo, as opposed to Hootsuite’s 30 minute training.


Hootsuite undoubtedly has a broader scope than Rivuu, offering a wide range of features ranging from social media analytics, scheduling, to listening and even some customer service features.

One of our favourite features is the Hootsuite “Campaigns” tool, which offers a really simple way to run social media contests. They also support the Facebook ad platform, with their affiliated tool AdEspresso, that handles the creation, testing and analysis of paid adverts better than Facebook’s own power editor.

Rivuu supports Instagram scheduling, without the need for any additional mobile application to publish. You can create the post, schedule and it will publish automatically with a single click!
Overall, Hootsuite has a great mix of features, but perhaps doesn’t delve deeply enough into the scheduling and teamwork aspects of your average social media agency workflow. The focus is more on the one-man-band social media marketer, doing a little of everything. Perfect for small businesses with the entry level free plan, but for those working in collaborative teams and larger agencies, we find that choosing specialist tools to be more effective.

Rivuu is a content approval and scheduling system that is focussed on collaboration at the content creation stage of the social media production line. The goal of the app is to make it effortless to collaborate with other users to create posts, get them approved, amended, scheduled and ultimately published.

While it is not a total one stop shop for digital marketing, it is a fully featured social media tool, which has been designed with flexible workflows to fit your brand’s needs. This customisable workflows feature is what really makes Rivuu stand out over other social media approvals systems.

The ability to control user permissions allows you to not only limit, which stages of the content approval process your clients, or team members can view and interact with, but even which buttons on those pages they have access to. This way you can make sure that content is only sent for approval when authorised.

With Rivuu you can also schedule content directly to Instagram without the need of a mobile application to actually publish your posts. Rivuu is one of the world’s only tools that supports this functionality, so that you can simply connect your Instagram profile. With Hootsuite, you can only draft your content, before having to publish on a mobile device. Rivuu removes this stage from the process altogether, and allows you to choose a scheduled date and time for your images or videos to automatically publish.

Mobile Apps

Both tools have some mobile integration to work on the move. As mentioned in the previous section, Hootsuite is dependent on its mobile application for the publication of Instagram posts, but also has a few simple post editing features, including an image cropper to create content on the go.

The Rivuu mobile applications for Android and iOS are aimed specifically at content approvers, offering a simple way for your clients or team to approve, reject or provide feedback on their content with the click of a button.

Both apps do not offer the full range of features of the web based tools, but the simplicity of the Rivuu approvals app makes it more of a functional extension rather than a dumbed down version.


If you are looking for a collaborative tool, to use as a team, to create, approve and schedule your social media content, Rivuu is the tool for you. It even offers some analytics features, customisable notifications, and a fantastic content calendar so that your whole team can get an overview of all your posts.

Hootsuite is a broader tool set, but lacks the flexibility of Rivuu particularly when it comes to approvals and scheduling. However, we would recommend using both tools together, as we love AdEspresso for Facebook Ad creation, and the customer service and listening features of Hootsuite can be really useful.

The main difference is that Rivuu is team tool, with unlimited users included into all subscription costs, whether you have one profile or one hundred. Hootsuite is a good swiss-army-knife for the lone wolf social media manager, but if you want to get the rest of your team on-board, it’s going to cost you, and the features on offer may not stack up to more specialist solutions.