Remember the good old days where # was the symbol for ‘number’? Now, Hashtags are used to categorize topics on social media under a common banner. The use of hashtag’s as a categorization tool has become so ingrained in our culture that we attach hashtags to our events, brands, and breaking news.


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You can easily see the prevalence of the hashtag across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and in most cases, these hashtags allow the like-minded community to join conversations on specific topics.

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Having something succinct to Tweet, taking the perfect shot for Instagram or executing a flawless post for will be marred with improper use of hashtags. Instead, ensure the hashtag you attach to your content accurately categorizes what you’re publishing and adds value to your content.

Give your followers a reason to interact with your hashtag and provide relevancies for them to link to. A quality hashtag strategy that is picked up and used by your followers has the benefits of developing invaluable user generated content.

Remember to keep your hashtags relevant to the content and ensure your message is unselfish to avoid a hashtag hijack. We have to recognize that every user on Twitter is a content producer and you can’t control the user-generated responses to your hashtag. If you are creating a hashtag asking a question, don’t expect all your responses to come through rose tinted specs.

Another way Twitter hashtags can be hijacked is by businesses themselves attempt to ride on the “success” of a trending topic of hashtag without researching into its purpose, a total faux pas often leading to a social media crisis. A proper hashtag strategy and a quick Google search can eliminate this occurance.


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Despite the varying data, Twitter recommends using no more than 2 hashtags per post as best practice. In fact, your Tweet is 55% more likely to be retweeted when it includes one or more hashtags.

Engagement rates on Instagram jump from 22% on posts with 10 hashtags to 79.5% on posts with 11 hashtags. A whopping 57.5% increase!

Despite the Facebook algorithm filtering content and creating bespoke feeds for their users, embracing the hashtag is encouraged. We recommend adopting a ‘less is more’ approach to your hashtag strategy on Facebook. Keep it at 1 or 2 and recognize that – unlike the universal approach of Twitter and Instagram – the post will reach audiences with an interest in your brand.

Remember to apply the 3 ‘R’s when considering your hashtag strategy: relevance, relatability, and reach. #winning