Do Social Media Tools Affect Facebook Post Performance?

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Blog, Facebook, Social Media Tips

Back in 2014, Facebook made an algorithm update, which would affect the performance of posts made by 3rd party apps integrating with the platform.  In the update, Facebook also stated that this would only downgrade the performance of posts made implicitly, ie. without an explicit action from the user.

But what does this mean?  And which 3rd party tools are affected?

Most actions on social media are classed as explicit, as when you hit the share button, create a post, or like something, you have completed that action.  This covers the majority of social media activity for businesses, and should benefit from the algorithm’s preference for explicit content, even if posted by a third party application such as Rivuu.

Implicit posts are defined as those made by an application on behalf of the user, without them taking any action to publish. So for example when you connect your fitness app to automatically share your running stats to Facebook. Although the app is posting with your permission, the nature of the post is that it is delivered implicitly without you signing in and hitting publish.

Although these posts are slightly downgraded in importance, in comparison to a post created by a human being, they are still subject to other aspects of Facebook’s algorithm, and therefore if engagement is high on the implicit posts, they will reach users. However, this will have no impact on most businesses that only post explicitly.

What does this mean for Rivuu?

Rivuu posts work just like a normal person, and the app is essentially an additional user for your Facebook account. The posts are explicit and created by you, so they should not be downgraded in performance. The myth of 3rd party tools being penalised by Facebook is rooted in the misunderstanding of what implicit posting really is.  You can continue posting on Rivuu uninhibited.

This article goes into detail with a bunch of tests to methodically debunk the myth, and show that actually post performance is not at all affected by the use of 3rd party social media tools.

In fact, we would go further to say that using Rivuu or another 3rd party tool to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will overall improve the performance of your posts, as you will be able to effectively deliver great content with better consistency, and at the optimal time to post based on past performance data.  Any credible agency knows that the huge gains to be had from an improvement in everyday workflow far outweigh any tiny inflection on reach.

Facebook of course recognise all of this.  They understand the value of having agencies involved with their platform, as encouraging more brands to use the platform commercially makes their revenue skyrocket, which they have seen put into practice by the gargantuan success of Google.

3rd party tools like Rivuu are not tricking Facebook out of revenue, but are rather supporting the platform, and therefore there is no reason to penalise businesses using them. Plus the advantages far outweigh any perceivable disadvantages, especially considering that Rivuu is free to use with one Facebook profile!

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