Copywriting Formulas for Headlines that Convert

How to Write Headlines that Always Sell

Want to draw in more customers and revenue?

You can turn more prospects into conversions easily with good headlines. This is because people will not read copy unless first persuaded by the headline. As a result nailing the opening with a bold compelling statement is absolutely vital.

But what is the secret of a good headline?

Let’s find out:

Use powerful and positive adjectives, verbs and terms

Some copywriters focus on the negatives hoping to shock their markets into buying their products or reading their blogs. This can work but for best practice it should be avoided always.

This is because you NEVER want to impart an unconscious aura of negativity about your brand to your customers.

Try the following examples up for size:

Limited Time
Special deal
Exclusive offer
Sky high
Right now
Zero risk
Half price

There are plenty more examples beyond this list but for your added benefit we have included a headline example.

How to make vacuuming fun in 3 quick and easy steps

The headline works because…

  • It addresses a common household chore and promises to make it enjoyable.
  • It assures us the method is easy to accomplish.

Use Numbers

When it comes to giving headlines that little extra power, a number could be just the ticket you need. People are drawn to numbers in headlines, check out the articles of your favourite bloggers or read a magazine.

Numbers work because humans like them; they are intrinsic to our way of life.

101 tips to build engagement on Instagram
Reward your friend with these 10 gift ideas
Reenergise your life in JUST 30 minutes

Convey Urgency

People can be oddly compelled by what they cannot have.

By instilling a sense of urgency into your headline you are giving your market the extra nudge to take action.

For a limited time get half off your next Spa Treatment!

The prospect of saving money coupled with the promise of a time frame should have your market scrambling to your door.

Be Original

Your customers will likely be used to being bombarded with ads all the time. Before composing your headline you need to ask yourself, how can I stand out? What makes my brand different to the competition?

The trick:

Give your brand a personality and take risks, do things your competitors have not done. If you come off bright and interesting to your customers then they will be more open to doing business with you.

Taking risks and being original requires creative incentive and what is appropriate and applicable will vary between industries. Just remember that you do not have to go to extreme lengths to be unique.

For now consider the following examples for inspiration.

Market Marriage: How to make your Audience Commit
5 Reasons why you should never Fight Temptation
An Adventurers Guide to Staying In

Nowadays a business with a bland and boring headline can be considered shady so it is very important you get this step right.

The right idea could be waiting right in front of your eyes. You just have not seen it yet.

Be Specific

Ensure your topic is clear in the headline.

For example:

Exciting New Book Wows the World

This is just half of what could be a good opening. There are no clues, obvious or subtle as to the authors name or the title of the book.


(Author name’s) much anticipated epic wows the World

This is more effective as the headline tells us who the author is. The added info should be enough to clue in readers to the content of the article.

Convey a benefit

Your customers are looking for reasons to convert, so give them one.

Including a benefit of your product/service/article in the headline is a vital headline writing technique you NEED to master. If your title does not offer some sort of solution to a problem then why should anyone read?

Stave off the rain forever with this neat trick
Why (business name) can boost your sales by 20%
Our contracts have no lock-ins

Testing for the Best

Experimenting is a huge component of the headline composition process. Odds are high you will produce multiple results for the same headline but struggle to decide on the best one. In such instances you are best conducting a vote among your peers for the best result.

If no peers are available, try speaking the copy aloud and see which one sounds better on your tongue. Often the best result will often be the first one.

Copywriting Formulas for Headlines

When composing your own headlines try to follow these basic templates to get the ball rolling.

Formula 1: Number or trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise


4 reasons fun exercise routines always deliver results


Top reasons fun exercise routines always deliver results

Formula 2: The (adjective) Guide to (Topic)


The Gentleman’s Guide to Wooing

Formula 3: How to (do something)


How to bake an Award Winning Cake!

Formula 4: Answer the most obvious question in your industry/niche


How to get more customers?
Is SEO worth it?
Most popular ingredients for Cookies

Formula 5: (Number) Reasons why (Fun fact)


5 Reasons why Pinterest deserves your interest
101 Reasons why Snapchat is good for business
4 Reasons why maths is easier than it looks

Formula 6: How to (achieve this) in (number) (quick and easy) steps


How to breakdance in 5 quick and easy steps
How to learn guitar in 10 steps
How to overcome fear of heights in 2 quick and easy steps

Formula 7: Why (x) beats (y)


Why cats are better than dogs
Why you should earn backlinks and not buy them
Why you should focus on livestreams, not video

The above examples are mere dummies meant to put your thought processes on the right track. There are plenty of templates still out there, many of which are unique to themselves.

If you have an idea for your own template, then give it a go. Building headlines is a very creative process and if you think you are onto something exciting, ride it as far as it will take you.