4 Ways to Save Time on Social Media?

4 Ways to Save Time on Social Media?

Use these simple tools and tips to optimise your social media workflow.

Agencies and brands that are serious about social media know that there’s a lot more to a successful campaign than a few cat videos.

While we’re all hoping for the golden goose of content, the meme to end all memes, building an audience usually takes persistent effort, some creative flair, and cooperative colleagues or clients. The more experience in executing successful social media campaigns that you have, the more clearly defined your workflow becomes.

With a well developed process of content creation, planning, approvals, and scheduling, you will have more time to focus on creating engaging posts, rather than focusing on getting stuff out on time. In this article we explore a few precious tips that will help you to save time on social media, so that you can focus on creating more inspiring campaigns that you are confident will deliver success.

Rivuu is a tool designed to make social media management more efficient, collaborative and flexible. The following ways to save time on social media are applicable even if you don’t use the tool, but all of them have been incorporated into the app, making it an incredible time saving asset for any agency or brand that wants to make social media a great success.

Tip 1: Batch create content

Our number 1 recommendation to save time on social is to create your posts in batches. This advice is a no brainer for agencies, as it allows community managers to plan then execute campaigns for clients when the brand is fresh in their mind.

Channeling the voice of a client effectively is hard, especially if you are managing a number of different accounts. We suggest taking the time to review the key selling points of their brand, and then your content strategy and categories. This should help you to stay goal oriented when creating posts for the whole week or month, and make sure that your set on target for great results.

This is also good advice to help social media managers save time working in-house. Reviewing the goals of your overall marketing plan, then planning your social media posts for the week or month with these in mind will help you tick off all of your campaign objectives.

Bulk creating content is easy with planning tools like Rivuu. You can create and preview all of your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content, then view an overview in the interactive calendar, and even see the revision history of an individual post with a single click.

Tip 2:  Formalise your approval process

Working as a team is great when everyone is on the same page, but unfortunately democracy comes at a cost. In the world of social media you are playing with your clients’ or brand’s public identity, so the occasional disagreement is not uncommon. By using an approval system like Rivuu to formalise your approval process you can provide a simple and effective platform for sharing constructive feedback, without the pain of awkward conversations, clunky spreadsheets or metre long email threads.

By providing a clearly defined system to approve, reject and amend content, it’s possible to make the review of your content more objective. That way your team get the feedback they need to write tip top posts, that fit the expectations of the guardians of the brand, encouraging collaboration, sometimes from a safe distance!

Plus, with unlimited users, and controllable permissions, Rivuu has the added benefit of full accountability for changes and comments. Your can limit access to your accounts even down to comment visibility for any user, making roles clearer, and ensuring that everyone knows who makes the final call before publishing.

A formalised content approval process protects your clients and your team from the unexpected.

Tip 3: Embrace mobile technology into your workflow

In the digital marketing space, bricks and mortar are crumbling to be replaced with a more fluid mode of business. Entrepreneurs are globally connected and spend a lot of time on the road, be it raising funding, meeting clients and customers or sourcing new products.

As a result, your approvers are not always available when you need them to get content signed off before the publishing date. Using the Rivuu mobile application (for Android & iOS) allows your content approvers to approve, reject and provide feedback on content directly from their phone. It’s the perfect solution for those spending time on the road, and incredibly satisfying as we’ve made the process so simple so that they can blast through an entire month of content in between metro stations.

With roaming charges on their way out, high-powered smartphones and tablets, and increasingly international telecommunications providers, productivity on mobile is changing the way you and your clients work, so we believe that social media content approval should be at your fingertips.

Tip 4: Create an automated reporting dashboard

Analytics and reporting on content can be seriously time consuming, but it’s an important part of social media marketing. Any agency or brand worth their salt understand that taking a data driven approach to your content’s performance is a basic expectation.

While some agencies use complex analytics platforms specifically designed for social media advertising, most are interested in recording an actionable set of engagement and performance metrics that help you to simply assess the comparative performance and reach of your content.

Rivuu goes beyond the basic stats, and provides a fully customisable and user friendly reporting dashboard tool, which allows you to generate a regular report, within any given date range, at the push of a button.

Our team has over a decade of experience running one of Australia’s first social media agencies, having worked with both blue chip clients, and exciting new startups around the world. When designing Rivuu, we took the top level, specialist agency standard of social media content reporting as our baseline, and created a simple, modular interface to shatter the need for fiddly API integrations in spreadsheets. Just the metrics you need, in the format that you want them, at the click of button.

Tip 5: Use Rivuu to schedule content to Instagam

This point is a little more specific, but nonetheless a huge time saver! Instagram is here to stay, and if your brand is not already active on the platform, you should read our guide to Instagram marketing to learn how it can grow your brand.

The vast majority of scheduling tools do not allow you to post content directly to Instagram, usually requiring an additional mobile application to publish content. This means regardless of your scheduling time, you have to be conscious, lucid, with a fully charged up smart phone at the time of publishing to push your posts live.

Not with Rivuu! Our content creation system allows you to schedule content directly to Instagram in exactly the same way as with Facebook and Twitter. Simply create your post, add an image or video, write your description, choose and a date and time and schedule. Rivuu even has a neat feature to add the first comment, so that you can tag other pages and add additional hashtags to get better reach.