How to Connect & Verify Your Instagram Account

Rivuu is one of a handful of tools that you can use to schedule your Instagram posts without breaking the platform terms of service. Connecting your account is simple, but the steps are a little different than those for other social platforms. Follow the steps below to connect and verify your Instagram account to Rivuu in seconds.

To connect your Instagram account, click on the drop down menu in the top right of the display and click on “Manage Account”.

You will be navigated to the “Manage Account” page of the settings. If it’s the first time that you have accessed this menu, you will normally arrive on the correct tab. If not then select the “Profiles” tab.

After selecting the Profile’s tab, click on the “Connect” button next to “Instagram”. Rivuu will then ask you to enter your login details for your Instagram account.  Enter your login details, click submit and then wait a few seconds while our servers chatter away to the Instagram ones.

Most accounts will be instantaneously connected, and you will be able to get posting right away. Some users will have to carry out an additional stage of verification within the Instagram app.

To verify your account, sign into Instagram on your normal mobile device. You should be prompted to verify your details by email or SMS.

Select your preferred method, then follow the steps within the app to complete the verification process.

If you require help connecting your Instagram account to Rivuu, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected]:8888 or visiting our contact page.

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