Create Link Carousel Posts for Facebook

Now you can use Rivuu to create and schedule content using Facebook’s link carousel post type.  Follow the step by step guide below to learn how you can add your link, edit the description and change the image for your link carousel post. This feature is available on both the free and paid versions of Rivuu.


After selecting the “Create Content” stage of your approval process, go ahead and create a Facebook post. Our carousel is going to be a collection of links, so to add your first link, click on the “+ Carousel” button under the post preview.

Next enter your URL in the link space. Don’t forget to include the “http://” at the beginning of your link!


Now that you have added your first link Rivuu will generate the standard Facebook link preview. At this point you can edit your link preview image and description, or go ahead and add another link to your carousel using the button below the post preview.

Once you have added additional links to your carousel, you can edit the individual thumbnail images by clicking on the image space in Rivuu’s preview, and change the description of each one by clicking on the text below the thumbnail.  Don’t forget that carousel thumbnail images are square!

Once your links are all uploaded, and you are happy with the look of your carousel, you can go ahead and schedule the content as normal. Your team will be able to provide feedback, approve or reject your post as normal.

Take a test drive!