Flexible & intuitive: Rivuu is full of features that make teamwork effortless.

Whether you’re an agency or brand, a large team or on your own, Rivuu can be customised to fit all budgets and team structures.

Create posts for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Your creative team can create posts using images, GIFs, videos and even Facebook’s different link post formats. Customise meta-titles and -descriptions, and see how your finished post will look on each platform.

We count your Twitter characters, including link shortening, and suggest the best image dimensions for each platform. Posting across your core social media channels has never been so simple!

Mobile app to approve on the move

Approve, reject & provide feedback from your Android or iOS device with the Rivuu mobile application.

Designed specifically for content approvers, getting your clients or boss to sign off content has never been easier!


Customisable desktop & in-app user notifications

You decide exactly how each individual user gets notified as posts move through your workflow.

Receive desktop notifications even when your browser is closed, and use the bell-icon in the app to follow your content transitions and find out about new features and more.

Approve, reject and provide feedback.

We understand that a complex interface can be a real turn-off. That’s why we’ve made content approval as intuitive as possible. With the complex stuff happening behind the scenes, your content approver(s) won’t have to grapple with learning a new software.

Just two buttons, “Approve” and “Reject” is all you need to get started. You decide what happens when they’re pressed, and which users receive feedback.

Customise your content approval process.

Rivuu has customisable workflows, which allow you to build a workflow that works for you. Plus get granual control of permissions at every stage of your approval process, and control each users access levels on each account individually.

Don’t feel like building from scratch? No worries! We’ve built common workflow templates to suit small and large team structures. These can easily be customised with the help of our outstanding support team.

File storage to keep all your digital assets in the right places

We offer a tonne of file storage, with dedicated folders to store the relevant font, logo, design files and other assets associated with each account.

Attach PSD or AI files to individual posts, so that your designer can recall their work and amend if changes are required, or share global assets with the whole team via your account dashboard.

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  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Unlimited Users
  • Access to Global Settings

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