Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know!

Can I have different workflows for each account?

Approval workflow templates are assignable to each account. You can create as many different workflow templates as you need, and then assign each to a seperate client in the “Approval Process” tab of the “Manage Account” page. The workflow template is assigned using the drop down on this tab, and you can assign users which will be applied only to the workflow of that account.

Q: What approval workflow template is right for me?

Workflow templates are tricky as workflows are by their very nature, challenging. We have created 3 workflow templates to match the most common workflows of our customers. Here is a description of what situation each workflow template is best suited for.

Template Name: In-House No Graphic Designer If you are an in-house social media team where the same person who writes the words also selects the image for a post, then this workflow template is appropriate for you. Considerations for this workflow:

  • Are you an in-house team or an agency? In-house team
  • Does a graphic designer make the images? No

Template Name: In-House with Graphic Designer If you are an in-house social media team where one person writes the words for a post then gets a graphic designer to select and design an image, this is an appropriate template for you. Considerations for this workflow:

  • Are you an in-house team or an agency? In-house team
  • Does a graphic designer make the images? Yes

Template Name: Agency Workflow If you are an agency with copywriters, graphic designers and clients, this is the workflow for you. Considerations for this workflow:

  • Are you an in-house team or an agency? Agency
  • Do clients review their content through Rivuu? Yes

If you are having trouble creating a workflow that works for your team, we will help you (thats what we do). Email us at [email protected] to arrange for a real human to assist you.

Q: Can I have as many users as I like?

Yes! Subscribers to all of our paid plans (Business – Large Agency) can have as many users as needed. Rivuu is all about collaborating with your team and stakeholders so we don’t put a limit on how many people can be involved.

Q: Am I able to change users and accounts whenever I like?

You can add new users, upgrade your account or add new social profiles from within the app at any time. Just edit your subscription options and we will update your payments accordingly.

Q: Can you create content without scheduling it?

At present, no, you have to select a schedule time and date for each post. We are working in a draft function which will allow you to create content without choosing a schedule time and date. However, your content will not be scheduled or published until is fully approved from within the app.

Q: Can I unschedule my content in the system?

Your posting schedule can be edited at any time. Just open your schedule calendar from the app’s sidebar navigation, hover over your post, and then click the “Unschedule” button.

Q: How do I create custom roles for my team on Rivuu?

The “Manage Users” section allows you to define user roles such as Super Admin, Admin and Standard User.

You then attach users to different stages of your workflow, this can be accessed in Manage Account > Approval Process.

For support in managing your approval process, check out this tutorial, or drop us an email and we can arrange a time to setup a workflow that works for you. Email [email protected] for assistance.

Q: Will I get notifications when my content is ready for approval?

You will be notified of content that is ready for approval on your account dashboard, and can review all submitted posts in the schedule tab.

You can also configure email notifications on the “Manage Reports’ section. This can allow daily, weekly and monthly emails to be sent that summaries how many pieces of content are in each state. You can also generate reports as and when you need them, this can be send in the Dashboard section.

Have more questions about notifications? Send us and email, we are here to help [email protected].

Q: Can I customise the notifications I get from the system?

Yes! Notifications can be customised to your preference in the “Manage Account” > “Manage Notifications” section.

Q: Can I customise my dashboard?

Yes! Your account dashboard can be customised in the “Manage Account” section, accessed through the drop down in the top right of the app.  Go to the “Dashboard” section, here you can choose exactly which elements and widgets you would like to appear on your landing screen, allowing you to keep an eye on the metrics that matter.

Q: How will I be billed for my membership with Rivuu?

Rivuu is a secure subscription service, so once you have selected your plan, we will automatically handle future payments. If you wish to upgrade your account, you can add more social profiles in the app, and we will update your monthly subscription accordingly.

Rivuu charges in USD.

Q: Do you offer free trials for Rivuu?

Our Free plan offers unlimited access to Rivuu with a restricted set of features.

We offer 14 day trials of all other paid plans we also offer demos if you would like to be shown the platform by one of our friendly staff. Please contact us so we can set up a demo account.

Q: If I upload my files to the Rivuu cloud, what will you do with these files?

Anything you upload to the Rivuu cloud is stored securely for your eyes only.  We understand that private sharing between team members is integral to your workflow, so any design assets, documentation or other files hosted on our servers will be only accessible to your designated users.

Q: Will you keep my data?

We take your privacy seriously, and only securely store the account data necessary to maintain your subscription settings.

We do not store your Facebook, or Twitter details as we connect via the public API. However, we do store your Instagram details as that is how we post your content.

For more information on the topic can be found on our privacy policy.

Q: Do you offer after sale support?

We offer after sales support for all customers on our paid plan service. Contact us here.

Q: What happens if someone approves content in the past?

If a post is scheduled to go out on say the 1st or January but it isn’t approved until the 7th of January, the post will be pushed into a state called “Scheduling Errors”. This section can be accessible on the bottom tab of the left sidebar.

The reason post is pushed to this state instead of being posted immediately, is because some post can be time sensitive. Lets take a Happy New Years post for example, you wouldn’t want to approve a new years post in February and have it published would you?

Please ensure you check “Scheduling Errors” regularly to make sure nothing has been missed. An update will be coming shortly which will send automated emails to a person of your choosing, when a scheduling error occurs.

Q: Is it against Instagram's terms of use to schedule Instagram posts?

Rivuu is like a social media agency that posts only the content you give us, posting images on your behalf when you want them to be shared.

The way it works is that we have a collection of virtual devices on a secure server. Rivuu users simply upload an image to their desktop and select a time, date, caption and account to share it to.

Other scheduling services have reverse engineered the Instagram app and uses their private API, which is a violation of Instagram’s terms, that is not what we have done.

Hence, Rivuu is not a violation or Instagram’s services and your content will not be taken down or penalised by Instagram.

Q: What if I want to get rid of some of the profiles I am using?

If you find yourself using social media profiles that you no longer need and want to use other profiles, there is a solution. All you need to do is go to the correct Account in Rivuu that you want to delete the profile from, go to Manage Account, select Profileand click the X button on the right hand side to disconnect individual profiles.

When this is done the number of unused profiles will increase and you will be able to add other profiles to other accounts. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and email us at [email protected].

First demo the app with our team. Then we create your free trial account.