You’re shopping online, adding anything and everything into your cart, looking at your total and closing the screen (we all do it!). You decide to log into Facebook, and lo and behold, the items you added to your closed cart have followed you into your feed. That, dear readers, is the Facebook Pixel.

Forget stalking your ex on Instagram and focus on stalking your potential clients on Facebook. Read on to discover what the Facebook Pixel is and what it can do for your business.

Peek a Boo, I See You!

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Simply put, the Facebook Pixel is a retargeting pixel using cookie-based technology and a JavaScript code to track your activity online. The Facebook Pixel ensures users don’t ever really step out of your world, using ads to entice those who have left your pages to come back to them.

The Facebook Pixel allows you to track conversions and see how successful your ad is by following the coded train, automatically optimize your conversions bid and set your retargeting ads to specific interests.

Facebook Pixel… MAJOR KEY

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The Facebook Pixel has 3 major functions:

Tracking Conversions

With the ability to customize and set what you define as a conversion, the Facebook Pixel allows you to track specific traffic and ensure it is working for your custom campaigns.

Optimize Your Bids 

It is important to make certain that you are bidding the true value of your objective and that your investment is mirrored in your results.

Once you’ve set your bid and your pixel has tracked a minimum of 100 conversions, look for more people who have the same interests as those who have converted to your site and create a Lookalike Audience.

The Facebook Pixel will allow you to assess on who you’re currently engaging and hone in on a wider audience with more clarified data.


Remarketing is the heart of the Facebook Pixel’s purpose. There are 22 billion clicks on ads across Facebook year on year and Facebook remarketing ads get 3x more engagement than regular Facebook ads. Why? Because the user recognizes your product and is less skeptical to engage with your remarketed ad!

Everybody Gets a Pixel!


the opportunity to refine your advertising, enhance your results, improve your audience base and polish your campaign? Get the Facebook Pixel to work for you in 2017.