With what we know about the current and ever-evolving digital landscape, a hybrid of paid, owned and earned media is critical for brand success.


Owned media are forms of media created by your business and entirely owned by your brand. Your owned media includes your website, your eBooks, your social media accounts, and your email newsletters. Through your owned media channels, you’re able to promote your brand message and have complete control over the development of your brand persona.

Your owned media is unique to your brand and cultivated to spread your brand presence across multiple channels.


Earned content must be, you guessed it, earned.

Earned media is created through your Owned and Paid efforts and covers social media interactions, likes, and comments, external blogs, forums, reviews, reposts, and sharing of your content. Owned content is there to encourage earned media and foster relationships.

Encouraging interactions can lead to user-generated content, build trust through third parties and inspire others to connect and network with you.


Paid media is rooted in traditional forms of marketing, print, tv ads, and direct mail. As with the nature of digital marketing and the evolution of digital advertising, Paid media has expanded to SEO and PPC campaigns, display ads, and social media advertising.

With the progression of emotive content and the way consumers receive and respond to content, successful Paid media distribution is interactive and seen as organic. Consumer confidence is lost with direct and static ads being replaced by humanized content. Currently, the best way to utilize Paid media is through influencers who relate to your offering and can advocate for your brand.

Use your Owned media channels to push humanized Paid media content resulting in Earned media interactions. A continually refined strategy using all 3 forms of content distribution will equip you to create strong and successful marketing campaigns with an overarching strategy for your brand.