Have you recently rolled out a new product or successfully expanded your brand?
If your answer is YES, then congratulations!
Don’t stop there, a business that updates its practices online as it physically updates its brand stands to reap the benefits.
Read on to find out how a business update online can benefit you.

Refresh Your SEO

Search engines are a digital marketer’s best friend.

Updates to website content that has been previously published are viewed by search engines as it’s is a good indicator of the site’s trustworthiness and relevance.

The volume of the update is also a factor. Adding a handful of extra words and a few commas to a sizable piece of content is not going to give you that boost. The bigger the piece of content, the bigger the update required.

Implementation of rich media and video will assist in raising your SEO value as a video is evidence of quality content. In fact, Forrester estimates that a minute of video likens to 1.8 million words of text in the content message communicated.

Follow Up with your Fans

Nothing gets a fan base buzzing better than a new and exciting addition to your brand. This can be any number of things from a new product due for release, a well-written blog post, or a live streamed video. There is no limit here but the scope of your creativity.

Every upward peak in a brand has its downward slope and it is your responsibility to keep your audience interested before it becomes too steep.

No brands products, regardless of how well it is initially received, can maintain high returns indefinitely. Tech companies constantly roll out new updates to their smart technology, widely recognized drink companies roll out new flavors and marketing initiatives are updated year on year.

With frequent updates made throughout the business driving the innovation of your brand, you stand to create and sustain a healthy and engaged audience.

Software needs a Tune Up

Many businesses manage and distribute their own software; this might take the form of an app, SaaS product or something similar. Such programs are rarely completed to their envisioned capacity when launched, rather, the team stays on to perform maintenance and upload feature updates.

Updates have become a vital marketing tool as support and maintenance take the front hold on continued use by the consumer. If there were two different apps of the same age and function, one updates monthly, and the other only once in its lifespan, which would you be more inclined to use? Frequent updates convey commitment and adds legitimacy to your product, allowing your customers to feel as though you are working for them and thus fostering sustained trust with your users.

Not only do they serve to build credibility, frequent updates will improve the visibility of the brand as your updated app is more likely to appear on the opening pages of the App Store or Google Play.

Updates also create a sense of a community. If customers report glitches and they are promptly addressed and corrected, then you stand to maintain and consolidate a loyal following who feel safe with your service. When problems arise it is essential that they be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.

Eyes on the Prize

Successful businesses grow and they often do so differently. Some groups move to a bigger and better office space, others gain the freedom to expand their maximum pool of clients.

This means more frequent opportunities to develop the business somewhere down the line.

So, why the wait? Update!